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Miami’s Bobbie Riley – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Trench Brothers

By: Hunter Ferguson

Miami cheerleader Bobbie Riley told VYPE during her interview that “My favorite part of being on this team is that I get to express myself and perform while doing something I love. Before I started cheer, I was into musical theater and acting. It was my passion to get up on stage and make people smile, laugh, cry, etc. I still have so much love for acting and continue to do shows on the side. But my focus has definitely switched to cheer and performing/entertaining on a different stage.”

“Apart from cheer, I am very active in MHS’s art programs and clubs. I’ve been a member of the choir for all four years of high school, but my competitive singing career really started when I was in the fourth grade. I was a six year medalist at the annual OKMEA All-District Choir festival and a five year medalist at the All-State festival. I am Vice President of our school’s Tri-M Music Honor Society, I was Junior Class President last year, and Senior Class Vice President this year. Other organizations I’ve been a part of would include Student Council, National Honor Society, and the prom committee” said Riley.

At the moment, Riley expressed that she is aiming “to finish high school strong, have a great summer, and then lock in for my first semester of college. I’m extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to cheer at NEO and my goals are definitely to keep working hard at my sport, stay ahead of the curve academically, and spread spirit everywhere that I go!”

As for what motivates her, Riley shared that “I’m inspired by the wonderful women in my family, my mom and my four sisters. My mom is from the Federated States of Micronesia. When she was around my age she immigrated to the United States. My mom always did her best for my siblings and I growing up. Even though life was hard sometimes, she did her best to make sure we never knew it. My older sister Bylynn paved the way for me to be the young woman I am today. She showed me what it means to work hard and persevere when life deals you a bad hand. My younger sisters Americuz, Mackenzie, and Maybelline inspire me to be a good role model. When they are my age I hope they are striving to accomplish more than I have. I want them to know that you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you’re willing to put in the work. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have these amazing females in my life.”

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