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Grove’s Abigail Dyer Athlete Spotlight Presented by Mark Lee Shelter Insurance

Abigail Dyer 

Grove High School

As we enter the second semester, the spring sports athletes are starting their workouts and prep for the upcoming season. Grove High School’s Abigail Dyer is one of those spring sports athletes preparing for her final season of prep soccer. 

Dyer has worked on her game and is excited to take the field. 

“The thing I have personally improved on most this season is the ability to escape pressure better. As a team, we have improved on our intentionality during the game. We are more intentional about our decision making,” said Dyer. “The goal for this season is to have a winning record and make it to the playoffs.” 

The senior said she loves her teammates and their approach to the new season. The center midfielder expects this team to be ready when this season begins.

“I love their readiness. They are always ready to learn and grow to be better players,” said Dyer. 

Being a student-athlete at Grove High School has been a special time for the senior.

“There is so much to love about being an athlete at Grove. First, I would have to say the support from the community. People from the community will ask about the season or congratulate us. It is so encouraging to know that we have that kind of support. Another thing is the connections inside the school. Getting involved with sports also gets you involved with teachers and clubs. I don’t think I would know half the people at GHS if I wasn’t an athlete,” said Dyer. 

 As a student, Dyer is a member of the student council, National Honor Society, and Interact. 

“My favorite subject in school is leadership, or student council. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Guthridge. They are giving so much of their time and hearts to us throughout our COW Week journey. They have no idea how much it means to the students, we are so thankful for them. Also, he isn’t a teacher, but Mr. Kruetz is also my favorite. I’ve never seen the kind of support that he gives in this school. He is inspiring to all of us,” said Dyer.  

After graduation, Dyer said she plans on attending Oklahoma State University for pre-med and will eventually pursue a career as a pediatrician. In her free time, Dyer said she enjoys working with the student council.

“Most of my free time is given to student council to work on our COW Week mission, but when I am not doing that, I love to read my Bible, go on walks, or spend time with my friends and family,” said Dyer. 

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