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Grove’s Holly Brice Athlete Spotlight Presented by Island Time

Holly Brice 

Grove High School

As winter slowly comes to an end, soccer teams around Green Country are gearing up for the new season. The Grove Ridgerunners have their eye on March 1st which marks the start of the season and Grove High School junior Holly Brice is excited to see what this team can accomplish this year. 

“I love representing my school and having the opportunity to make new friends and memories each year. I’m learning a lot through our failures and successes,” said Brice. 

Brice will play center back for the Ridgerunners and said she is working on her game and making improvements where needed. 

“I have become better at communicating and sharing my knowledge with others and being more confident with the ball,” said Brice. 

Brice and her teammates are close, and they love to compete. Brice said she loves how her team plays the game and how competitive they are when they take the field. 

“I love how passionate everyone is and how easily we joke around with each other. Every day we push each other to do our best. The goal is to make it to the state playoffs,” said Brice. 

When she’s not on the field, Brice is spending time with the Character Counts group and participating in other class activities. The junior said she enjoys all of her classes and teachers but narrowing it down to a favorite is impossible. 

“I have many teachers who support me and help me to do my best so it’s definitely hard to say I just have onefavorite. Just a few are Mr. Haynes, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Guthridge,” said Brice. 

Brice would like to explore dental hygiene and play soccer in college. When she’s not playing soccer, you can usually find her hanging out with friends and going to youth group or spending time with family. 

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