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Miami’s Jordy Andres Athlete Spotlight Presented by Jim Rexwinkle State Farm

Jordy Andres 

Miami High School

When the Miami High School soccer team takes the field for the new season, senior Jordy Andres will be front and center, helping the Wardogs to victory. Andres will start at center attacking midfielder where his speed and ball-handling skills are displayed. For Andres, having a good season and leading the team to the playoffs is the goal. 

“My overall goal for the season is to make memories and leave high school with a good playoff run,” said Andres. 

Andres said the team is coming together and the chemistry they share will be a factor in how well they perform this season. He is excited to see how good they can become. 

“What I appreciate the most about my teammates is our chemistry on the field. Having good chemistry on the field makes playing soccer more enjoyable and rewarding and brings great memories with it,” said Andres. 
 The support the team receives from the school, it’s faculty and the parents are a big boost for the players. Andres said he loves how passionate the community is about their school. 

“The thing I love the most about being involved in Miami athletics is how passionate and supportive the community is. All the parents, students, and teachers who care for the players and coaches,” said Andres. 
 Coming into the new season, Andres said he has continued to work on his game and hopes the hard work will pay off. 

“I have improved on my body strength and durability as well as my confidence and knowing what I can do,” said Andres. 

In the classroom, Andres has his favorites. From a favorite subject to a favorite teacher, Andres said he enjoys all his classes and teachers. 
 “My favorite subject in school is math and my favorite teacher in school is Mr. Adams,” said Andres. “After high school, I will peruse my education and get my bachelor’s degree in business administration.” 
 In his free time, Andres enjoys going to the gym and spending time with family and friends. 

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