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9 Questions with Welch High School’s Mason Clinton presented by Welch State Bank

Mason Clinton 

Welch High School

VYPE: Mason, what grade are you in and what position do you play on the Welch baseball team? 

Clinton: I am junior, and I play anywhere in the infield and pitcher.

VYPE: Entering the new season, what is the goal for the team this year? 

Clinton: Our goal as a team is to make it past districts and I want to hit another home run this season. 

VYPE: What area of your game would you say you’ve worked on or is most improved this year? 

Clinton: I think I have improved on my pitch placement and my batters eye. 

VYPE: What do you enjoy about being a student-athlete at Welch High School? 

Clinton: The people that are helping me get better and the teamwork.

VYPE: Can you tell us what you enjoy most about your teammates? 

Clinton: My teammates are always trying to help me be better as a person and a player. 
 VYPE: What other activities are you involved with at Welch HS? 
 Clinton: I am in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and I play sports. That’s about it.  

VYPE: Do you have a favorite class or favorite teacher? 

Clinton: My favorite class that I take would have to be chemistry, but my favorite teacher would be coach Cottrell. 

 VYPE: What would you like to do after you graduate from high school? 

Clinton: I want to go to college for something, but I haven’t made up my mind yet on what I would like to study. 

VYPE: What would we find you doing if you had some free time? Clinton: I enjoy playing video games with my friends and playing with my dogs.

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