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Vinita’s Hayden Smoke Athlete Spotlight Presented by Welch State Bank Vinita

Haiden Smoke 

Vinita High School

The Vinita girls basketball team under head coach Nathan Wylie continues to work hard and put wins on the board. One of the players helping the Lady Hornets this season is Haiden Smoke. Smoke is a junior and plays forward for coach Wylie. 

“The season has been wonderful. It has had its up and downs, but I love watching my teammates grow as athletes,” said Smoke. “I love how close we grew as a family and how we treat each other like sisters.”


Smoke said she has worked hard on her defense and has made it a goal to improve as a defensive player. 

“I think my defense is definitely getting better as I get older,” said Smoke. “And my goal is we grow stronger as a team,and we play to our best abilities ever game.” 

As a student-athlete, Smoke said representing Vinita is special and having the support of the faculty and staff means a lot. 

“Being a student-athlete at Vinita is great. The school and teachers deal with exceptions of the student-athlete knowing we have a lot on their plates with school and sports and knowing we have late games and practices,” said Smoke. 

Smoke is a member of the student council and said she enjoys all of her classes, but she does have a favorite. 

“My favorite subject was physical science, and it was taught by my favorite teacher Mr. Pain,” said Smoke. 

The junior is making plans for her future, which will include continuing her education at the next level. 
 “After graduating I would love to get into Oklahoma State University veterinary science program and continue my studies from there,” said Smoke. Away from the basketball court and school, Smoke said she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

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