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Miami’s Sutton Smith Athlete Spotlight Presented by Trench Brothers Graphics

There is someone in each of our lives that we look up to as an example. It could be someone we keep up with on social media like a celebrity or it may be someone that is a little closer to home. Either way, the impact that these people can have is enormous. Sutton Smith has a few people in his life that have been very influential.

“My dad, grandparents, brother, and my uncle are my biggest role models,” he said. “Mainly  because they have shown me how to be a leader in whatever I do, and shown me how to become a better version of myself at all times.”

Sutton is a sophomore at Miami High School. He is a member of the Wardog’s basketball, cross country, and track teams. Outside of sports, he is a part of the Student Council, National Honor Society, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

As a student in the classroom, Smith has had a number of outstanding teachers, but he has one that stands at the top of the list. 

“My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Barnes had a big impact on my life,” he said. “She was super loving and caring to all of her students no matter what the situation, and ever since then I have strived to live like that.”

Becoming the athlete that he is today has not been something that just happened for Sutton. He invested his time and effort so that he can become the best athlete that he can be.

“Success in my sports has come from me being dedicated to becoming the best I can be at whatever I do,” Smith said. “I am super competitive so I think that has helped me become successful also.”

Anytime he steps out to compete and he wears his school colors, Smith is reminded that he is competing for more than just himself. 

“Getting to represent my school and community when I play means the world to me,” he stated. “Putting on the uniform and wearing the Wardog across my chest makes me feel very honored that God has given me gifts and the ability to represent Miami in everything that I do.”

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