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Jay’s Addie Dingsor – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Eye Care of Grand Lake

Addie Dingsor is a three-sport athlete at Jay High School and is currently in track season. This is her sixth year competing in track. 

“This year I am on the two-mile relay, I run both the one hundred and three hundred hurdles, and I do pole vault. When it’s not track season, I run cross country and do wrestling,” said Dingsor. 

As the season is close to coming to an end, Dingsor said the team has performed well and she loves being around her teammates. Team chemistry is at an all-time high. 

“What I enjoy most about being an athlete at Jay HS is the togetherness of our team and how it has made me mentally tougher. All of us girls are so supportive and uplifting towards each other. I just love all of the bonds I’ve gained and mentally how athletics has made me tough. All of the girls are truly family to me,” said Dingsor. 

Dingsor points to several athletes on the team that impress her and their teammates. 

“When it’s time to be serious one of our seniors I would say Hadley Goins does that job. Everyone on the team respects her and looks up to her accomplishments. Also look for Kayla Greer, and Kyler Howe,” said Dingsor. 

Away from school, Dingsor said her father has been a big influence in her life. 

“My dad has been a huge influence in my life. He has taught me many things and helped me become the person that I am today. He has always told me to never give up and always keep going. In all sports but especially running he has given me a good mindset, to keep pushing and never stop running even if it’s uncomfortable. Always to push harder,” said Dingsor. 

After she graduates, Dingsor said she plans on attending an in-state school. 

“After I graduate, I plan on going to Oklahoma State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in science and then further my studies and attend veterinary school,” said Dingsor.  

As a student-athlete at JHS, Dingsor said she has created memories that will last a lifetime.
“I have many favorite memories as a JHS athlete. I have enjoyed every time I’ve competed at state in all sports. The competition is always fun and we always team bond and make many memories along our trips,” said Dingsor. 

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