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Grove’s Tucker Broderick Athlete Spotlight Presented by Trench Brothers

Tucker Broderick

Grove High School 

Grove High School varsity basketball player Tucker Broderick plays point guard for the Ridgerunners and head coach Zach Trimble. Now a junior, Broderick said the team continues to battle and fight for wins as they overcome some adversity. 

“The season has been a little rough so far, but we just got one of our starters back and I think that we will start doing a lot better,” said Broderick. “The goal for the rest of the season is do the best that we can do.” 

Despite the adversity, Broderick and his teammates continue to work to improve their game and contribute to the team in a positive manner. For Broderick, becoming a better player for his team and teammates is the focus. 

“The part of my game that is improving is my decision making and my ball handling,” said Broderick. “I love the relationship me and my teammates have built over the years of playing with each other.”

As a student-athlete at Grove High School, Broderick said the community makes being a player for Grove special thanks to the support they show the teams. That support has meant a lot to the Ridgerunners this year. 

“The thing that I love most about being a student-athlete is all the support that our community give us,” said Broderick. 

Basketball is not the only sport Broderick likes to play. He enjoys playing tennis and is a member of the Heritage Club at school. In the classroom, Broderick said his favorite subject is math and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Spy. 

Broderick is a member of the Class of 2025 and plans to attend college after high school.
 “I would like to study kinesiology at Oklahoma State University,” said Broderick. In his free time, Broderick said he enjoys hanging out with friends and grabbing some sleep when he can. 

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